Integrated Science 1B takes the place of a traditional Chemistry course within the Jefferson County Public School (JCPS) district. Where the traditional Chemistry class would focus solely on Chemistry and was taught via lectures and textbooks, with supplemental information provided by labs, Integrated Science 1B (ISB) includes related topics from other disciplines of science and is taught with the inquiry method. In this method, students use labs, reading skills, and logical thinking skills to piece together a basic understanding of the concepts taught in that unit. During class, the teacher acts as a questioner rather than lecturer, asking the students questions which allow them to make links between related pieces of information.

Unlike Part 1, ISB Part 2 branches out of chemistry to other disciplines of science and includes many more applications of the core concepts. Part 2 begins with a long treatment of chemical reactions and then moves to applications of those reactions in biology and environmental science. The course goes on to discuss the reactions of the upper gastro-intestinal system, important environmental-chemical cycles such as nitrogen and phosphorus, and finally ends with a discussion of energy, fossil fuels, and conservation.

Main Concepts