Welcome to 3rd period! This class is Integrated Science 1B part 2, a class which looks at how chemicals react with each other, how matter can change, and chemistry in the environment. We will begin with a review of elements and compounds.

This class has 2nd lunch this year, which means that lunch begins at the bell at 10:47 and ends at the bell at 11:12. You have five minutes to return to class and must be in your seat by 11:17 or be tardy. There is no bell at 11:17, so get here quickly.


  • Get your syllabus and lab safety form signed as soon as possible.

Upcoming Tests and Quizzes

  • Elements and Compounds Post-test


  • None.

Extra Credit

  • Go to this site: The Periodic Table of Videos. Pick an element and watch the video for it. Then write down 5 new things you learned about that element and its uses in real life (if it has any). Please use complete sentences; due before the end of the trimester. (10 pts) You may only do two of these.
  • Write a poem about the element of the week. Since you will need to do some research to get some information about the element, you will need to cite your sources and tell me where you got the information about it. (5 points)
  • Read an article in a science magazine. Then go online and find another article about the same topic. Finally, explain the science behind the articles in your own words or with your own example. Put everything in a powerpoint or on a poster and present it to me after school. (20 points)