Welcome to 4th period! This class is Honors Chemistry part 2, a class which looks at how matter changes and how chemicals react. We will be learning the concepts behind chemical reactions as well as proper lab technique. Once we finish with the review on Elements and Compounds, we will be ready to begin Chemical Changes and Reactions.


  • Get your syllabus and lab safety form signed as soon as possible.

Upcoming Tests and Quizzes

  • Elements and Compounds Post-test


  • None.

Extra Credit

  • Go to this site: The Periodic Table of Videos. Pick an element and watch the video for it. Then write down 5 new things you learned about that element and its uses in real life (if it has any). Please use complete sentences, due before the end of the trimester. (10 points, 2 maximum)
  • Write a poem about the Element of the Week. Since you will have to look up information about the element to write a good poem about it, cite any source you use when you turn in the poem. (5 points, 2 maximum)
  • Read an interesting article in a science magazine. Then go online and find two other articles about the same topic. Summarize all three and explain the science behind them in your own words. Put it all in a powerpoint or poster and present it to the class. (20 points)