Spinel is the official mascot of chemistry. Dr.Rocket and a friend invented Spinel back in their college days, when they decided that chemistry was far better than physics and needed a flag to help take over the physics department. Spinel was often seen around the campus for a little while, proclaiming the glory of chemistry. Since then, Dr.Rocket uses Spinel as a mascot, and you can see him up in the corner of this wiki. Sometimes he will appear on graded stuff as a sign of mastery and other times he'll show up randomly to remind students to do their chemistry.

The main reason that Dr.Rocket and his friend chose that design for their mascot is that Spinel is actually a chemical. The element carbon has a very complicated chemistry and can form millions of different compounds. There is so much carbon chemistry, that it has become its own branch called organic chemistry. In organic chemistry, compounds are represented with stick-figure drawings with each point or intersection representing a carbon atom. Spinel was chosen because the compound looks kinda like a strange creature with one eye and two arms and hands. Spinel's real name, to other chemists, is 1,3-dineopentylbenzene, but that's such a complicated name that he prefers Spinel. Despite having a real name like this, neither Dr.Rocket nor his friend know of any scientist who has made the Spinel molecule in a lab or any real-life uses of the molecule.

So far Spinel is known to appear in three different poses: the standard one seen above, a happy face version, and a Kilroy version with Spinel peeking over a line and the phrase "Spinel was here" printed beneath. It is suspected that Spinel also has other poses, such as a sad face, a sleeping face, and a pirate outfit, but they are very rare. Even more poses may exist, but are currently unknown.